Future Cosplay – Phantom Lord!Levy

This cosplay idea is based off of art by Raedoodles on tumblr, you can see the full thing here. This artwork was a collaboration with Miss Mungoe, a writer in the Fairy Tail fandom. Her work is fantastic!

Above artwork belongs to raedoodles.tumblr.com. Do not repost without permission and credit.

I asked Rae for permission to do a cosplay and she was excited!

This would honestly be a super easy cosplay. I already have the wig, of course. I could buy a bandeau top of some sort and then make the vest. Not sure how I’d go about the cuffs and necklace, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure something out.


Levy McGarden 1st Outfit Version 1

Levy McGarden is one of my all time favorite characters, so it was my first choice when deciding what cosplay I wanted to do last year for Otakon. This was also my very first cosplay! I unfortunately did not get a lot of pictures of just myself but I plan to this year.

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Styling my Levy McGarden Wig Part 1

Cosplay is a hobby I’ve recently found to be very enjoyable. I’ve always wanted to do cosplay and after a long long time I finally debuted at Otakon 2016 as Levy McGarden.

One of the things I absolutely had to get right was the wig, hair is a very important part of a costume. I’m making these posts, along with some videos, about how I styled my wig.

I have a better opportunity to go in depth about the wig and the company than I have in the video so I will link this post to the video and vice versa 🙂

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