Levy McGarden 1st Outfit Version 1

Levy McGarden is one of my all time favorite characters, so it was my first choice when deciding what cosplay I wanted to do last year for Otakon. This was also my very first cosplay! I unfortunately did not get a lot of pictures of just myself but I plan to this year.

Levy’s first outfit in the manga and anime. If you aren’t familiar with Fairy Tail, or just didn’t know this, Levy was originally supposed to be a background character but then Hiro Mashima decided to bring her more to the front. That’s why her looks changed quite dramatically from her first appearances.

My favorite picture of myself as Levy and my Pantherlily plush. 

My wig is an Arda wig, style Jaguar and color denim blue. You can learn more about Arda, the wig, and how I styled it here. It’s a really great wig for Levy. I made the headband out of the fabric I had for the top and pinned it onto the headband I had on the wig.

The top I made using yellow cotton fabric and following some videos of DIY bralettes. I believe it was mostly this video. I really liked how the top looked, but it didn’t stay on well and actually unclasped a few times. It probably would have been a lot better if I had used a stretchy material instead of plain cotton.

I made the vest completely from scratch. I drew a pattern on paper over my duct tape dress form and after some trial and error, ended up with something that worked. I then got grommets from Walmart and put them in each side of the vest. It’s a pretty simple process.

The necklace was made by my boyfriend the night before the con! He used EVA foam and then put Worbla over top. I spray painted it silver and added a chain. It was a little itchy but it turned out well for a last minute thing.

The pants and shoes I just bought. I believe I got the pants at Walmart and the shoes at a thrift store.

My plan to update this cosplay is to make a new top and a better fitting vest. Later, I’d like to make a different necklace, but it’s not a priority.



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